Ac3Filter 2.6.0 Beta

Ac3Filter 2.5b

Ac3Filter 2.4a

Ac3Filter 2.3a

Ac3Filter 2.2a

Ac3Filter 2.1a

Ac3Filter 2.0a

Ac3Filter 1.63b

Ac3Filter 1.62b

Ac3Filter 1.61b

Ac3Filter 1.60b

+ 64bit filter
+ Lite filter version
+ Multichannel equalizer
+ Customize equalizer dialog with frequency response of the equalizer
* Equalizer rewrited
* Spectrum synchronized with audio playback
* Localized installer
! Fixed: ACM driver sometimes crashed
! Fixed: equalizer can mute the sound sometimes
! Fixed: "incorrect value" error message may appear under the settings dialog
! Fixed: tab key now works at edit controls

New Translations:
* Slovenian, thanks to DarkHand
* Greek, thanks to Peter Perdik and Dimitrios Topouzidis

Ac3Filter 1.51a

Ac3Filter 1.50a

Ac3Filter 1.46

AC3 encoder bitrate is now ajustable
Korean translation added (thanks to starcodec)
Upmixing of Dolby Surround files works now (thanks to Stefan Schott)
MPEG Audio Joint stereo playback fixed (thanks to Daniel Bechter)
Problem with decimal point in mixing matrix on some non-english Windows (thanks to Marcin Hencz)

Ac3 Filter

AC3Filter is high quality freeware DirectShow audio decoder and processor filter used to decode audio tracks in movies (DVD, MPEG4 and others). Focused on poweful and flexible audio control.

Main features:
* Decode AC3/DTS/MPEG Audio Layer I/II formats
* MPEG1/2 PES demultiplex (for DVD support)
* PES/LPCM format support
* AVI/AC3, AVI/DTS, WAV/AC3 and WAV/DTS support
* AC3/DTS/MPEG Audio SPDIF passthrough support
* AC3 encode to output any multichannel source to SPDIF
* Detailed input bitstream format information
* Automatic Gain Control
* Dynamic Range Compression
* Online output configuraion change
* Upmix from any stereo source to 3-6 channels
* Downmix to DolbySurround/ProLogic/ProLogic2
* Input/output levels indication
* Per-channel gain for all input/output channels
* Per-channel delays
* Direct access to mixing matrix


*ProgDVB PowerInstall 7.7 ve sonraki versiyonlarda bütün GRF lerde AC3 Filter kullanılmaktadır..AC3 Filter v1.11 den sonraki versiyonlarda Mpeg Audio da problem vardı..Problem 1.46 versiyonunda düzeltilmiş..PowerInstall kullanıyorsanız sadece ac3filter setup ı yüklemeniz yeterli..GRF içinde başka ayara gerek olmaz..

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