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SmartDVB x64

The first x64 beta build of SmartDVB is now available for download. The build includes an initial port of channel listing and epg to unicode. The epg database smarteit.db has been modified to allow for full UNICODE EPG/EIT support. Other than that the x64 build uses the same baseline code as the 32 bit version and hence the feature set for both versions should be about the same. Care has been taken to support most of the legacy application functionality, including blindscan and plugins. 
This version also improves video quality and error recovery, including better 4:2:2 handling/processing. 

The build is not provided as an install but as a portable .zip archive. The installation process is simple. 
-Just extract the archive and register the included filters 
-Run filters\registerfilters.bat with administrator priveleges (for example by right clicking on the registerfilters.bat and selecting 'run as administrator' with the file explorer) 
-The x64 build requires x64 decoder versions (both video and audio), previously installed 32 bit versions of decoders will not be seen by the 64 bit version, so please make sure the appropriate x64 versions of the codecs you wish to use with the x64 build are installed. 

The 64 bit executable SmartDVB.exe should now be runnable. 

It is not required to install the 32 bit version alongside the x64 version, the two versions should run independent of one another. 

Please note device support for the x64 build is limited for some devices, not all (legacy) device manufacturers have x64 bit sdk's available. is is not available so technisat skystar devices will not be fully functional. Tevii devices will also only, possibly, work with the tevii (bda) device type, the tevii.dll required for the sdk is also not available as a x64 dll.

First impressions from DVB Support, tested with HD Pack 2.7 with latest x64 Kit files, it works fine on both HD and SD channels with Cyberlink and LAV Filters.The biggest surprise we've seen in the program is that it has a MDAPI host program which adds the possibility to run 32-bit plugins in 64-bit SmartDVB! So put vPlug, etc. into mdplugins folder to activate emu.


SmartDVB 0.5.0

SmartDVB 0.4.0


SmartDVB Beta2

SmartDVB Beta1

As always, although quite extensive tests already have been done for this new beta, please still be careful when installing beta versions, preferably do a clean install or if you would like to test the upgrade process make sure you backup your previous install (the installer should backup your essential files if so required, but you never know of course).

SmartDVB 0.3.5

SmartDVB Beta3

SmartDVB Beta2

SmartDVB Beta1


SmartDVB Release Candidate

SmartDVB Beta3

SmartDVB Beta2

It is time to use SmartDVB

First of all, DVB Support recommended that you use the following combination if you want a stable system!

DVB Support tested the latest SmartDVB v0.3.0 and inform that if there is up to date and free SmartDVB, you don't need anymore to use one of outdated/limited/commercial/cracked/buggy programs to watch digital channels from satellites on the PC! Although it's free, it does exactly what commercial program do, so commercial programs have not any advantage than the new SmartDVB!

Multi recorder with plugin support (you can record up to 64 channels at same TP), useful channel list with logo, search and filters support, OSD support with remote, blind scanner, renderless mode, useful favorite feature and others features (remote, diseqc, usals, multi monitor, streaming, timeshift, aspect ratio settings, CI support, powerful scanner, EPG, scheduler, snapshot, subtitle support, media play etc.) are available in the new SmartDVB.

So DVB Support recommended that you remove all Sat/DVB player softwares from your system and install the latest SmartDVB only.Run SmartDVB, select your device and set your satellites and then run its scanner to reach your channel list.From right click > connection menu, you can set your favorite filters and EVR, that's all!

Here some important hints for the latest SmartDVB:

If you encounter any problem with the program, please write it into the SmartDVB forum if you want to fix the problem and see more development of the program.

- DVB Support wishes to thank to Jack Javo for his great program and development effort! -


SmartDVB 0.3.0 Beta1

Added :

Fixed :

Changed :

SmartDVB 0.2.5

SmartDVB 0.2.5 RC1

SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta5

[Setup Date: 26.11.2011]

[Setup Date: 25.11.2011]

Remember to mainly use the module (old hasn't been updated in a while, although i could update that module in future, for now the focus lies on so only use if it works better somehow for u, usually it won't). And if you report problems it's handy to at least try to mention where and in what situation it occured (not like "the scanner crashes", otherwise i have no clue, oh and pictures say a thousands words don''t they say?) and remember to copy smartdvb.log and bda.log (in the devices dir) as that can always come in handy for me.

SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta4

SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta3

SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta2

*Please remove the previous 0.2.1 if installed otherwise the install will fail ofcourse (your settings should be preserved, although just in case make a backup of your smartdvb.db if your current channel/sat list is precious to you). Also would like to know if the install is okay for users using xp 64 bit.

SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta

Please only use if you're willing to give encounter installation/operation issues and give feedback, if not use it at your own risk. Main issues hopefully fixed should be the scheduler functionality.

SmartDVB 0.2.0

SmartDVB 0.1.5 Alpha

SmartDVB 0.1.4 Alpha

SmartDVB 0.1.3 Alpha

SmartDVB 0.1.2 Alpha

SmartDVB 0.1.1 Alpha

*Extract this one into SmartDVB directory (The settings.ini is compatible with the HD Pack 2.2) and try to use Arcsoft for both SD and HD with EVR or VMR7..
**To jack, AAC not working (Tested on 5E Sirius 12073 H 27500 1+1 International with Divx and Elecard AAC decoders..)

*Şunu SmartDVB dizini içine açın (Settings.ini HD Pack 2.2 ile uyumludur..) ve EVR veya VMR7 yle SD ve HD kanallarda ikisi içinde Arcsoft u kullanmayı deneyin..(Tools > Settings > Directshow > Connection dan decoder seçimi yapabilirsiniz..)

SmartDVB 0.1.0 Alpha

SmartDVB 0.0.8 Alpha

SmartDVB 0.0.7 Alpha

SmartDVB 0.0.6 Alpha

SmartDVB 0.0.4 Alpha

Download Channel list & settings files for SmartDVB

*v0.0.3 inital alpha release

Tested it with Twinhan Starbox USB 2.0 (Installed BDA Driver) and Technisat SkyStar USB 1.1 (Installed 4.5.0 Driver) and Its working very well on SD and HD channels..

Program Twinhan Starbox USB ( BDA Driver yüklü) ve Technisat SkyStar USB 1.1 (4.5.0 Driver yüklü) de denendi ve hem SD hem de HD kanallarda çok iyi çalışıyor..SkyStar2 veya BDA driverlı bir kartınız varsa muhakkak bu programı deneyin..

Supported Devices

SmartDVB Main Features

Step by step adjustments

  1. Install the setup.msi of SmartDVB
  2. When click the SmartDVB.exe you'll see devices selection..Select your device and click the "search for device" button, now if you see your card in the device found box, (or not and you have a skystar2 card check your device status on the system, or not and you have a card with BDA driver, either your card is not supported in the program or you have not a good BDA driver) select device and click the "select device" button and click ok and done button..
  3. Now if the program opening without error, (or not, forget this version and sent the bdas.log and SmartDVB.log files to the author and wait next release :)) click satellite > add/edit satellites select satellites you use from available satellite box and click "add" button..If you have a diseqc, click your sats from configured satellites box and click to "setting" button..Select committed and set lnb for selected sat..When finished adding sats click "done" button..
  4. Click Channels > Current satellite to scan sats..Select related sat and click "scan" button and wait to finished scan..When scan finished click the "Update" button and click the "process" button to saving channels..
  5. Now should select the codecs from settings > connection..Click "apply" button to saving options..
  6. Now you are ready to use it..
  7. *If you don't like an error message or unstability, please Install CLVD Pack, HD Pack, Free Pack to your system, only! These packages will welcome your codecs and plugins needs..
  8. *Latest driver of your video card, latest directx, latest windows updates should be loaded on your system..
  1. SmartDVB setup.msi yi sisteminize yükleyin..
  2. Ilk açılışda SmartDVB.exe ye tıkladığınızda hemen kart seçim ekranı önünüze gelecekdir..Burdan kartınızı seçip "search for device" butonuna tıklayın..Kartınızı device found box da görüyorsanız (Görünmüyorsa ve bir skystar2 kartınız varsa sistem den kartın durumunu kontrol edin..Görünmüyor ve BDA Driver lı bir kartınız varsa kartınız ya programda destekli değil ya da uyumlu bir BDA driver yüklü değildir..) kartınızı seçip "select device" butona ve ardından ok ve "done" butonuna tıklayın..
  3. Program şimdi hatasız açılırsa, (Hata olursa bu versiyonunu unutun ve bdas.log ve SmartDVB.log u yazara göndererek sonraki versiyonda hatayı düzeltmesini bekleyin..) satellite > add/edit satellites e tıklayın..Burda uydularınızı seçip "add" butonuna tıklayıp ekleyin..Diseqc niz varsa altta ilgili uyduya tıklayıp "settings" e tıklayın..Burda committed i seçip ilgili lnb yi seçip ok.leyin..Uydularınızı ayalradıkdan sonra "done" ye tıklayın..
  4. Uyduları taratmak için Channels > Current satellite ye tıklayıp burda taranacak uyduyu seçip "scan" a tıklayıp bitmesini bekleyin..Tarama bittiğinde "update" butonuna tıklayıp "process" butonuna tıklarsanız kanallar kayıt edilir..
  5. Şimdi settings > connection da kullandığınız codec kombinasyonu seçebilirsiniz..En son ayarların kayıt olması için "apply" butonuna tıklayın..
  6. Şimdi programı kullanmak için hazırsınız..
  7. *Eğer DVB programların devamlı hata mesajlarından, stabil olmamasından yakınıyorsanız, sisteminize sadece ! CLVD Pack, HD Pack, Free Pack i yükleyin..Bu paketler sizin bütün codec ve plugin ihtiyacınızı karşılayacakdır..
  8. *Ekran kartınızın devamlı güncel driverı, güncel directx ve bütün windows updateleri sisteminizde yüklü olması gerekir..

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