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PotPlayer PowerInstall 1.2 is available!

What are the differences between PotPlayer that PowerInstall installs and PotPlayer that official installer or some strange-packs installs?
-youtube-dl support (You can directly play videos of mail.ru, dailymotion and other more than 500 sites)
Watch this video to learn how to use it
-Extended YouTube support
-Extended subtitle searching
-Torrent playback support
-Excellent DVB Support skin
-Always the correct English files
-Option to Portable installation
-Option to block the server connections (which causes slow startup on some PCs)
-Included built-in codecs
-Excellent settings for XP/7/8.1/10
-Working on XP x64
-No unpleasant yellow desktop and taskbar icons
-No certificate check (which causes the error message "PotPlayer.dll is modified or hacked")