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PotPlayer 230830
31.08.2023 - Freeware - Media Player - Info - Download - x64 Version

Changes since v230707:

  • Modified to keep the subtitle properties as much as possible when translating subtitles
  • Fixed an issue that caused some ratios to not handle properly when playing a video with some ratios changed
  • Fixed screen clipping problem when switching through monitors of different resolutions when using Built-in D3D11 Video Renderer
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash in certain situations
  • Improved stability of Built-in Video Renderer
  • *Added Microsoft Edge WebView2 control to embed web content into the program.(WebView2 uses Microsoft Edge browser)


HD Pack 4.0
23.01.2021 - Freeware - Media Tool - Info - Download - x64 Kit
  • HDPackHE:
    • Added fembed (mediashore/gcloud/femax) support
    • Added non-English category filter
    • Updated database


SmartDVB x64 Edition
16.10.2017 - Freeware - Sat Player - Info - Download

The first x64 SmartDVB build is now available as a portable download. To install this simply unpack the archive to a folder of choice. Run the incluced batch file 'filters\registerfilters.bat' as administrator. Please note that the x64 build requires x64 decoder versions (both video and audio), previously installed 32 bit versions of decoders will not be seen by the 64 bit version, so please make sure you also install the appropriate x64 versions of the codecs you wish to use with the x64 build. You should now be able to run SmartDVB.exe. This version tries to improve video quality in general, including better 4:2:2 support. Initial unicode support is also added for channel, channellists and EPG. If you still find parts of the app which should be updated for unicode support please let me know.

First impressions from DVB Support, tested with HD Pack 2.7 with latest x64 Kit files, it works fine on both HD and SD channels with Cyberlink and LAV Filters.The biggest surprise we've seen in the program is that it has a MDAPI host program which adds the possibility to run 32-bit plugins in 64-bit SmartDVB! So put vPlug, etc. into mdplugins folder to activate emu.


HD Pack 2.7 Update
07.10.2017 - Freeware - Media Tool - Info - Update Kit - x64 Kit
  • Updated (with Update.Kit):
    • Cyberlink MPEG1-2/H264/HEVC/VC-1 Video Decoder v2.0.4403
    • LAV all-in-one Video/Audio/Splitter v0.70.2.79
    • Elecard H.264 Video Decoder v3.1.55077
    • Elecard AAC Decoder v1.2.55376
    • Elecard Mpeg Splitter v1.4.52096
    • Cyberlink Mpeg Splitter 1.2.10422
    • MPC Mpeg Splitter v1.5.1.2755
  • Updated (with x64.Kit):
    • Cyberlink MPEG1-2/H264/HEVC Video Decoder v2.0.3931
    • LAV all-in-one Video/Audio/Splitter v0.70.2.79
    • MPC Mpeg Splitter v1.5.1.2755
    • Cyberlink Mpeg Splitter 1.2.10228
  • Informations
    • Cyberlink Filters, LAV Filters and MPC Filters no longer supports Windows XP! So if you want to use the HD Pack in Windows XP then you need to download and install the KIT files which containing the latest XP-supported versions of these filters.( Update Kit For Win XP - x64 Kit For Win XP )
    • To activate Elecards codecs, you need to run the registrator.exe as administrator.(Right-click on it > run as administrator)
    • If x64 version of Cyberlink video decoder doesn't work, download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable (x64) Package.(Win 7/8/10 includes this package contents by default)
    • HD Pack 2.7 with the latest Kit files have been tested on Win XP 64-bit (includes SP2 and latest updates), Win7 32-bit (includes SP1 and latest updates), Win8.1 64-bit (includes latest updates), Win10 64-bit (includes latest updates (v1703))


Hello World!
25.09.2017 - Announcement

We're back after two years!

From now on, the usual DVB Support works will continue at full speed!

We have made several updates on the site but there are many points that need to be updated, so they will be updated over the time.

You can reach us through Facebook or e-mail.

Thank you for your interest in DVB Support for years...


SmartDVB 0.5.0
13.09.2017 - Freeware - Sat Player - Info - Download

Changes since v0.4.0:

  • Added:
    • T2-mi satellite support.
    • Initial PLP support for DVB-T2 devices.
    • Possibility to save snapshots to jpg/png (settable through directshow settings)
    • Favorite remote selection.
    • More...(+28)
  • Improved:
    • New channellist iconset.
    • Ability to add a new channel at the channel properties.
    • Better lav audio compatibility.
    • Normal scanner dialog tune button did not take diseqc into account correctly all the time.
    • More...(+38)
  • Fixed:
    • Freeze checking setting would not be saved correctly
    • PLP support fixes to scanner and channellist.
    • Some fixes to the scanner tp sorting/adding.
    • mis fixes for tbs devices.
    • More...(+67)


The site was moved to another server again!
09.10.2013 - Announcement

The server has been changed again since there are interruptions in the old place.

The Download Center will be available during the day.

Thank you for your understanding and interest in DVB Support...


The site was moved to another server!
13.08.2013 - Announcement

The site was moved to another server because friends who live in some countries encountered various problems with the previous one.

Everything seems to be working fine now but please let us know if you encounter a problem on the new server.

Thank you for your interest in DVB Support...


AC3Filter 2.6.0 Beta
06.04.2013 - Freeware - Audio Decoder - Info - Download

Changes since v1.63b:

  • 8 channels support
  • PCM Double output support
  • DTS-MA (core only), AAC, EAC3, FLAC, MP3 decoding support
  • Completely new bass redirection:
    -better filtering (4th order Linkwitz-Riley)
    -option to redirect bass to front speakers
  • Single icon per application
  • Online help
  • Crash report
  • Set filter language from the installer
  • Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Basque, Serbian translations
  • HDMV LPCM support
  • OGG Vorbis support
  • Several bugs leading to crash fixed
  • Dolby TrueHD support
  • More speaker layouts
  • FFMPEG v1.1.4 is used for DTS and AAC decoding
  • SPDIF/AC3 encoder: encode 5.1 with back channels (used by flac for instance) like 5.1 with side channels (standard for ac3)


Liven up the audio playback part of Daum PotPlayer!
31.03.2013 - Information

We've done some work on skin, vizualization and album art/cover features of PotPlayer.

So with the PotPlayer, you'll love to listen to music more than ever after doing the steps described in this document.



Keep your Windows7 up to date!
28.02.2013 - Information

Some multimedia-related problems have been fixed by Microsoft via Windows Update ( KB2670838 )

DVB Support tested* and confirm that the SmartDVB began working more stable after this update of Windows7!

Also the PotPlayer is working as usual, so amazing!

*The system just includes Windows7 + v310.90 Nvidia driver + v2.70 Realtek driver + DirectX Runtime 06/2010 + PotPlayer + SmartDVB + HD Pack


It is time to use SmartDVB!
14.02.2013 - Information

First of all, DVB Support recommended that you use the following combination if you want a stable system!

  • Windows7 (you must see "no important update available" message in Windows Update)
  • + The latest version of:
    • Graphic and Audio card drivers
    • DirectX package
    • PotPlayer
    • SmartDVB (If you've a DVB-S/S2 card)
    • HD Pack
  • = Now everything is okay for MultiMedia!
  • ! Don't put any 'Strange-Pack' to your system! (The names of these packages includes a words like "Portable" , "Codec-Pack" , "Mix-Pack" , "Re-Pack" etc.)
  • + For other system requirements outside MultiMedia, KIS 2013 as protection, IDM as downloading, Google Chrome as browser, 7-Zip as archiver, Ashampoo Burning Studio as CD/DVD/Blu-ray writer are recommended.

DVB Support tested the latest SmartDVB v0.3.0 and inform that if there is up to date and free SmartDVB, you don't need anymore to use one of outdated/limited/commercial/cracked/buggy programs to watch digital channels from satellites on the PC! Although it's free, it does exactly what commercial program do, so commercial programs have not any advantage than the new SmartDVB!

Multi recorder with plugin support (you can record up to 64 channels at same TP), useful channel list with logo, search and filters support, OSD support with remote, blind scanner, renderless mode, useful favorite feature and others features (remote, diseqc, usals, multi monitor, streaming, timeshift, aspect ratio settings, CI support, powerful scanner, EPG, scheduler, snapshot, subtitle support, media play etc.) are available in the new SmartDVB




HD Pack 2.7
16.04.2012 - Freeware - Media Tool - Info - Download - x64 Kit

Changes since v2.6:

  • Added:

    • Online and offline update support
    • German language
    • Group filter (to components page)
    • Options dialog (to directory page)
    • Automatic hardware detection (Cuda/QuickSync/Speaker system)
    • CyberLink MPEG1-2/H.264/VC-1 Video Decoder (PDVD12) v1.0.9700.3709
    • AV Splitter v1.2.2.3
    • LAV Video Decoder v0.50.1.0
    • LAV Audio Decoder v0.50.1.0
    • LAV Splitter v0.50.1.0
    • [x64 Kit] AV Splitter x64 v1.2.2.3
    • [x64 Kit] LAV Video Decoder x64 v0.50.1.0
    • [x64 Kit] LAV Audio Decoder x64 v0.50.1.0
    • [x64 Kit] LAV Splitter x64 v0.50.1.0
  • more


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